Custom Crafted Tanks From An Experienced and Skillful Supplier.

Put Our Experience To Work Building Custom Stainless Steel Beverage, and Food Processing Tanks That Perform!

For nearly 40 years, Spokane Industries has been expertly manufacturing custom stainless steel beverage tanks, food tanks and custom components.

We can build to our specifications, or yours. We are certified by
ASME and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to engineer and manufacture tanks and pressure vessels to the applicable code(s).

Spokane Industries' custom stainless steel fabrication division produces custom tailored stainless steel tanks and components that meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. Our in-house design and engineering department works with you and your team to ensure no requirement is overlooked. We use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to fabricate your tanks, process vessels, and custom stainless steel components, ensuring your complete satisfaction. We employ some of the most knowledgeable and talented stainless steel craftsmen in the business.

On-time delivery is one of our hallmarks - You can rely on us!

Spokane Industries, a dependable partner in your company's success!


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We have learned a lot over four decades, building stainless steel tanks for a huge variety of industrial markets. This experience gives us a unique perspective, often resulting in innovative features or build methods that are exclusive to Spokane Industries tanks. The result is quality and dependability, exactly what one wants in their tanks. Ask around! You will hear that we are a preferred and trusted source for stainless steel tanks all over North America!


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Food and Beverage Tank Sales

Ken Ovnicek
Sales Manager - Spokane Industries

Phone Numbers
509-921-8868 Direct
509-998-4470 Mobile
509-927-0826  Fax


Food and Beverage Tank Parts and Support


Jaydee Bengfort
Parts Manager

Phone Numbers
509-598-8512   Direct
509-927-0826   Fax


Ken Ovnicek
Support Manager

Phone Numbers
509-921-8868   Direct
509-998-4470   Mobile
509-927-0826   Fax


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